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About us


Czech Action Crew (CAC) is a stunt group from the Czech Republic (Olomouc), which focuses mainly on film, television and theater work. The group gathers experience in the Czech Republic and abroad (China, Indonesia, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Turkey) as part of the presentation of dynamic fight choreography. The team's portfolio includes knowledge of several martial arts such as Capoeira, karate, judo or kickboxing, as well as reliable handling and handling of cold and firearms and, last but not least, control of advanced gymnastics and different types of falls through special flying harnesses on ropes (Rigging).


Combat choreography without weapons and with weapons (Training of actors), Rigging (Working with ropes), Precise driving of a car, burning, Bodystunt (Falling down stairs, being hit by a car, etc..)


                    Czech Action Crew

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